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Find your ideal wallet


    Wallets designed for only what you need to carry


    40 color combinations & monogramming to match your style


    A wallet you'll enjoy carrying for many years

Made While You Wait

Choose your leather color, buckle style, and pant size, and we'll put it together for you in a few minutes.

Inspired by an old mason's tool bag from my parents' shed, the canvas bags with hand-stitched leather detailing are sure to turn heads.

The Shop

Located within the Selden Market in downtown Norfolk between the Slover Library and The Main hotel.

Stitching That Lasts

Stitching by hand is time-consuming, but for leather goods that will become heirlooms, it's worth the extra time.

Full-Grain Leather

The strongest part of the leather is just below the hair on the cow. This part of the leather also has the most character.

Why the New Name?

Werther Arcelli immigrated to America to build a better life with his own two hands—fighting professionally as a boxer and becoming the welter weight champion of New England in 1934. Naming the shop after my great grandfather is a small way I can honor my family heritage as I strive to make a living with my own two hands in a slightly different way.

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