"Company History"

No investors. No corporate structure. No marketing department.

Werther Leather Goods is our family business—making the highest quality leather goods—and celebrating small victories along the way. Here are some highlights and fun facts from our (brief) history.

Launch Video (2011)

I made a stop motion video to announce the launch of Werther Leather Goods (formerly Waskerd Wallets). It showcases one of the very first Astoria wallets with the very first hide of leather I purchased.

"The Making of Waskerd Wallets" Video (2012)

This was the second video I made. It explains the process of making a wallet. After punching thousands of holes freehand, I started to develop carpal tunnel in my right hand. I had to eat my words from the video—in order to continue making leather goods longterm—I had templates made to reduce the number of holes I had to punch.

The Zero Halliburton x Waskerd 75th Anniversary Case

The collaboration with Zero Halliburton for their 75th anniversary was very exciting. It was an honor to be a part of the project and to have the collaborative suitcase spotlighted at the grand opening of their flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC.

And the Adventure Continues...

Having children has brought new meaning to life and new importance to Werther. From a business perspective, it has forced me to be more focused and more efficient. And personally, it has helped me unplug and be present when I'm not working.

They grow so fast, it is hard to keep the website photo current, but here is a blurry one from Julia's 3rd birthday party. Mae is holding our little guy, Sam.

Company Timeline

My Journey

2009 - 2010

Living and working in New York City, I spent many days and hours looking for the perfect wallet.

December 2010

After realizing my ideal wallet—made with quality, character, in a smart design—wasn't available, I purchased my first hide of leather and decided to jump all in.

September 2011

With 9 months of wallet making, 7 wallet designs, and 1 legal suit pending, I launched waskerd.com.

December 4th, 2012

After a grueling 22-month legal battle with Wrangler Apparel Corp., the Waskerd logo was officially registered as a federal trademark on the Principal Register.®: )

January 2013

We were invited to participate in the Vanguards Gallery at the MRket Show in NYC.

Spring 2013

The Strayer was featured in Esquire's list of "Best Men's Wallets".

Summer 2013

I collaborated with Zero Halliburton for their 75-year anniversary suitcase that was spotlighted at the grand opening of their flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC.

Fall 2013

After months of preparation, I started selling wooden rings on my website. One year later the entire section was scrapped to keep our focus on wallets.

January 2014

We participated in the Liberty Fairs Men's Show in NYC and collaborated with Naadam Cashmere for a limited edition wallet.

September 2014

Featured by @instagrm on instagram for the #WHPthemaking of (Weekend Hashtag Project - The Making Of). My phone could barely handle the non-stop notifications that poured in for almost a week. (My Submission)

November 2014

Determined to maintain the personal engagement with each customer and to keep all products hand-stitched, in-house, I hired the help of my mom and my good friend Anthony.

January 2015

Collaborated with menswear artist Matthew "Sunflowerman" Miller for our first-ever lookbook that we mailed to over 50 stores and publications along with detailed handwritten letters. See the pdf version here.

Spring 2015

Deflated by the lack of responses to our lookbook that we invested so much time and energy into, we decided to pivot away from selling to stores and instead continue to focus on the individual customer.

Fall 2015

We were overjoyed to welcome our daughter, Julia. Becoming a parent gave new meaning to life and new importance to Waskerd.

The Glory Days

At every step in the journey, I try to remind myself that someday we will be looking back on this time and say "those were the days". We look forward to what is to come and try our best to enjoy each step along the way.

Are you on the search for your perfect wallet?

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